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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hi Everyone!

We are the House of Cats (Kirzon, Lola, Virgil, Barney, Gus and Stella)- and we are new members here at the Klub! Thanks for having us all! There are a lot of us so rather than posting pictures here in our first post and making it super long, (we can't add to the sidebar because we aren't admins - if an admin would like to let us know or feel free to grab them from our blog), mom said we could just put a link to our blog so you could see what we look like - it is House of Cats!! We already know a bunch of you so we are so excited to be here!!

We also wanted to let you all know that we try to do a Friends on Friday post every week - and this week it features the Wuv Kitty Klub (and Tiki, Mowzer, Max and Holly's blogs too!) along with one of our other friends. We are sure this will bring a few new members in - seriously, the badge alone is so cute how can anyone resist joining!!

Thanks again for having us!!!


Harry Spotter said...

What a fun club you have.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! I'm making a directory of websites, facebook pages and blogs targeted to all kind of animals. I'd like to add your blogs too, but it's hard to get contacts, so who is interested in can contact me via this e-mail:

Wuv Kitty Klub is already added to our directory and notification e-mail has been sent.

Thanks, Vito